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What's Up Buttercup?

What will you find in the pages of my books?

Steamy sex, gorgeous men, happily ever afters, and perfect length stand alone novels. Oh, and more than a little bit of the supernatural.

I love a good twist to my tales, and I love to see how far I can push the boundaries of love, and lust. My first covers will be coming very soon (hopefully by the end of the month) and links shortly thereafter.

Harem of Fangs ... the blurb

**Reverse Harem/ HEA**

Harem of Fangs by Emma DawnWhen renowned novelist Ally Swift goes to help a friend out of a jam, she finds herself thrust into a world she previously thought only existed in her books.

A world of vampires, magic, and mind-blowing sex that she could never have dreamed was possible.

Caught between five powerful vampires, she is trapped between the strength of their hands, the fire in their touch, and the ache in her skin for the thrust of their teeth.

She is the key to their survival, and for the four she denies, their lives will be forfeit.

Can she find a way to save them all, and place her heart in the hands of the one whose soul resonates with her own?

To top it all off, she still needs to finish that damn book she’s got a deadline for…


This is a full length, stand alone, reverse harem, happily ever after.

Be prepared for laughter, love, and a harem you can only hope will come for you.



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